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Summer Fun Toys

Never Hear "I'm Bored" Again

Girls playing with organic stuffed toys outside.

We all know how much our kids love their electronics, but did you know there are ways to make them love playing outdoors even more?! All it takes is some simple and fun natural toys to keep them engaged! It's hard to compete with the fast paced and overstimulating iPad apps, but bubbles and jump rope is exactly what they didn't know they needed.

Being out in nature provides many lifelong benefits from physical and mental health to academic competency. A healthy exposure of Vitamin D promotes bone health and helps minimize issues related to diabetes and heart disease.

Playing outdoors also allows them to socialize. It teaches them how to problem solve in real life settings and make friends without the use of instant messaging! And while socializing with kids their age is crucial, it also allows them to connect and bond with you as well! So, join them on that scavenger hunt, let them run around popping the bubbles you blow. You may discover it is just what you needed too.

You only have 18 summers with them until they're off, so make it count!

Must have outdoor toys:

Little Girl Playing with Organic Stuffed Toys and Gift Basket Outside

Surprise your kids or even your nieces and nephews with a basket filled with all the necessities to have the best summer yet! All toys can be found on

Little girl blowing bubbles

Build a better summer and curate your own custom gift basket at Our Green House!

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