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Keep your pets safe this Fourth of July

Tips to calm your furry friends during fireworks!

We love our furry friends, making memories with them, and taking our dogs everywhere with us, but it may be a good idea to leave them at home during this week's firework show!

Did you know there is a 30-60% increase in lost pets around the Fourth of July? Because their hearing is so much more sensitive than ours, they tend to have a fear of loud noises. You can bet fireworks are included in that! When they hear them, they often get anxious and try to find somewhere to escape and hide to. We have put together some ways to keep them safe in preparation for this week!

fourth of july pet safety and fireworks

•Keep your pets indoors!

•Make sure they are microchipped and are wearing their tags

•Stock up on calming aids - we have relaxing chews and sprays on our site. Other great options are thunder vests and definitely speak to your vet for their recommendations on possible stress meds

•Modify their environment - move their bed to a sound proof bathroom and try playing soothing music

•Have their favorite dog toys and treats at the ready

•And give LOTS of cuddles… but that was a given 🤍

Dogs sitting waiting for treats
Dog Gift Baskets

Spoil your pets after a stressful week by shopping at Our Green House!

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