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Is Quick Mindfulness Possible? Yes!

For years I thought that mindfulness was too hard for me to put into regular practice. My understanding of the concept was that it took up lots of time and I was simply too busy to figure out the "right" way to practicing mindfulness. Not that I have perfectionist tendencies or anything like that ?. "Quick mindfulness" seemed like such an oxymoron.

In reality, I didn't need to dedicate hours daily to a mindfulness practice and neither do you! Mindfulness is simply focusing attention on the present moment and anyone can do that anytime, anywhere. Those little quick mindfulness moments really do add up and help me feel more grounded.

I came across this short video, 10 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in One Minute or Less, the other day and thought I'd share it - for anyone else caught up in perfectionism and missing the big picture.

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