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Healthy Snacks - Flashback Friday

We've been away for a couple weeks and don't have a new Simply Plated recipe for you from Christine this week, but wanted to share this older video with some ideas for healthy snacks for you and your kids.

Back in 2010 Sarah Caron (at the time, a local here in Connecticut) stopped by so we could record a video on healthy snacks. It was clearly one of our earliest attempts at video as you can see the lighting and focus here are not the best. That said, we loved having her here and the yummy ideas and the recipe she shared are timeless.

We talked about cute, eco-friendly water bottles, snack, sandwich, and lunch containers/coolers. Sarah shared some of the healthy snacks that she was packing for her kids at the time and this delicious Sundried Tomato Basil Hummus Recipe.

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